Formidable trainer! Highly relevant knowledge. Easy to absorb material - practical focus easy to implement. Personalized feedback a major strength. Frederik Thestrup

I enjoyed the theory. The exercises stretced me, which was good. Very interesting and useful course. Learned things for professional and personal life. I will recommend it, and I would consider doing 'Persuasion Skills' as well. Richard Higginson, British Embassy, Copenhagen

I have previously viewed negotiations as 'confrontational' but the training today has given me tools to understand how both parties can win. Another benefit is the structure for preparing for negotiations. Sophie Lewis, Lead Commercial Manager, Østed Wind Power, UK

I very much liked that the background was suppoted by both scientific theory and focused on practical use. Alf Qvistgaard

It made me reflect on my currant negotiation and persuasion skills and I will utilize the tools in the future. Although I had to queeze the two days into my tight schedule, I am very happy that I participated :-) Jan Peter Schrick, Director, Business Development Service, LM Wind Power

My most important benefit of the seminar were the argumentation tools and models. Christian Munk-Christensen, Project Manager

Nice lesson of asking the right questions, and goog knowledge of understanding interests and needs of customers. Thomas Wlodarczyk, Manager, LM Wind Power

This course is a very good way to lin theory to practical use. Erik Jenrich Sørensen

The value of discussing interests was a main learning point - and limiting the number of arguments used in the process. Marianne Johansen, Business Process Expert, LM Wind Power