Who are we?

We are a small team of educators specializing in negotiation psychology and negotiation rhetoric. Our office is in Copenhagen, and our customers are mostly located in Europe. We offer:

  • On-site negotiation training programs
  • Online seminars on Teams or Zoom
  • Video based e-learning on demand.

The benefit you can rely on from our programs is first and foremost: more value on the bottom line. In addition to this: satisfying processes at negotiation tables, and better relationships with your counterparts.


OnlineKursus122 years of experience

Gottleben was founded in 2000 by Kaare Thomsen. At first, our customers were based mainly in Scandinavia. But over the years, our clientele has become international. One reason for this is that the fundamentals of negotiation are the same all over the world; but also that our Scandinavian approach makes sense. The methods developed by Kaare Thomsen, based on research in psychology and rhetoric, have proven to be extremely effective no matter where they are used.


We work for clients like: Arla Foods, Blue INNOship, Body Shop, Bring, British Embassy in Copenhagen, Cobham Satcom, Cotes, EG, Electrolux, Kosan Crisplant, LM Wind Power, Lowell, MAN Energy Solutions, LOccitane, Polytech, Straumann, Symbion, Ørsted Windpower UK. 

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