WEBsorthvid2Kaare Thomsen

Negotiation Trainer, MA

I am specialized in helping people achieve optimal results in negotiations and difficult conversations. I work with big or small teams, and the learning sessions comprise analyzing situations, roleplaying dialogues, and of course seminars on theory to build up new skills.

My philosophy of negotiation techniques is connected to my Danish background. We have a tradition of 'soft' communication based on the idea of equality. But does this 'nordic' style apply for international negotiations? Would it work in e.g. India, China or Russia? My answer is yes. In fact I have seen, for two decades now, just how potent my approach seems to be in completely different cultures worldwide.

My methods are based on essential tools to handle the challenges we all meet in negotiations and difficult conversations: proces, strategy, questioning, reframing, motivation, behaviour, context, argumentation, rebuttal etc.

My clients

I work for: The Body Shop, Bolia, Boehringer-Ingelheim, Cobham SATCOM, Cosan Crisplant, Cotes, Danish Defense, Fleggaard, Gubra, Lidl, LM Wind Power, Lowell, MAN Energy Solutions, Olympus, Straumann, Ørsted UK. I work particularly often for high tech industries like navigation, pharma, and medical supply, but also law firms, governmental offices, municipalities, and syndicats, and to some extend for NGOs and political parties. Read more ...

My background

I have been working as a negotiation trainer since 2000. I am MA in French, Psychology and Rhetoric, graduated from University of Copenhagen. I have diploma from the Executive Programme on Negotiation at Harvard Law School in Boston, and I am trained in conflict resolution and mediation at the Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution. I have studied psychology and computer science at Humboldt University in Berlin, and I am certified cognitive-behavioral therapist with some clinical practice. My personal angle, to conclude, is to combine psychology and rhetoric with a firm strategic approach to negotiations.


Learn Negotiation, Persuasion, and Conflict Management Skills