Kaare Thomsen

Portræt farve 1Negotiation Trainer and Advisor

I help my clients negotiate better and get the results they want. I specialize in negotiation psychology and persuasion techniques. I am founder of Gottleben, international negotiation training company based in Denmark.

I have a university background in psychology and rhetoric, and twenty years of experience as a trainer and adviser. Here is a summary of my formal education:

  • MA (cand.mag.) in French, secondaries in psychology and rhetoric
  • Diploma from PON (Project on Negotiation), Harvard Law School
  • Diploma in cognitive-behavioral therapy with 2 years of clinical work
  • Studies of cognitive psychology, 1 year at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
  • Diploma in conflict mediation from Center for Conflict Resolution, Cph.

I work for companies and organisations like:

The Body Shop
Boehringer Ingelheim
Bring International Cargo
British Embassy Copenhagen
Cobham Satcom
Danish Defense
Kosan Crisplant
LM Wind Power
MAN Energy Solutions

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